Glossy magazines go on about fashion trends. You are called upon to be new, bright, always experimenting with new ways and always buy a dress fancy shapes with bright geometric patterns, or voluminous skirt-Ballon, and maybe a light romantic blouse of fine flowing fabric. and pull the strings of fashionistas in the boutiques and malls for new collections. Please visit Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta if you seek more information. You, too, succumb to temptation and be sure to buy it Trendy dress today, and not finding anything suitable for him in his closet, go for sandals, bags, bracelet lost relevance, all this will sink to the bottom of your suffering a wardrobe. As a result of the bursting wardrobe plenty of things incompatible with each other, and invariably every morning you sad sigh – again, nothing to wear! Would you like to get rid of unnecessary things, eliminate needlessly buying, stop doubting and finally find his unique style to your wardrobe every thing was successfully combined with all the other How to find your style? You should know that style is not dictated by the mood and appearance of your natural data.

Start search definitely need a proper foundation – to those of you will have a wardrobe of colors. An important point – your choice of colors may be based on the psychological, emotional mood that is not always ideally suited to face. Then, as your true colors will be, in harmony with your natural color, seeded with skill. A well-chosen color to represent the exterior of the best side, stress the fresh color persons, youth and grooming, level defects. Natural color or shade of skin tsvetotip determined, as well as hair color, eye brows and eyes.

Shared by four types, which are named according to the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is known that in different seasons in nature, dominated by different shades: colors of earth and sky, water and vegetation are different from each other. This forms the basis of division. Tsvetotipy divided into warm and cold: two of them are warm – it’s “Spring and Autumn, two cold – it’s” summer “and” winter “. In warm tsvetotipov basic skin tones, eye and hair color are characteristic of “warm” reflux. In cold contrast – the color of the skin, eyes, eyebrows and hair is “Cold” in nature.

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