Overall Structure

Put here in full all the article is not possible. More information is housed here: Dustin Moskovitz. Will be presented only abstracts. The potential energy of the universe is the energy of interaction between different forms of matter. Potential energy can not have none form of matter without interacting with other forms of matter. Time and space – the basic form of matter whose existence, which is only possible as a single conglomerate of matter – space-time. By themselves, the separately from each other neither space nor time have no energy and no longer exist. In reality there is only a conglomeration of space-time and the potential energy of internal interactions. Potential interaction energy of space-time determines the total potential energy of the universe.

Prno because all three spatial coordinates are expressed in the same units of length L and, therefore, from this point of view dimensional space of the universe! The space S is a one-dimensional continuous medium (continuum), in which all the physical characteristics depend on the 'rough' variable L, related to the length of any segment, rather than to specific points within it. The same can be said about any area of the plane L2, L3, and an arbitrary amount of space S. Time is a one-dimensional continuous medium (continuum), in which all physical characteristics depend on the 'rough' variable T, related to the duration of any period of time, rather than to individual points within it. Possible degree of magnitude or duration of time one If the process in another physical object. Based on the above, we argue that space-time continuum is a two-dimensional continuous infinite elastic medium. Spatiotemporal continuum as a mechanical system possessing an infinite number of degrees of freedom, described by a scalar field density (energy) and velocity vector field and completely relate to moving subjects or in objects, the main characteristic of which is speed. And, therefore, is not mathematical and physical continuum.

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