Occupational Diseases

The development of such activities as work may seem very normal and quiet, however many times we do not know to which we expose ourselves when we started a new work; Therefore, in this article we will show some especially respiratory and pulmonary ailments that can cause work without the necessary precautions and will give some recommendations for such conditions may affect the development of our work and in particular our everyday life. Occupational diseases in the lungs is alarmingly increasing in the last decade, according to studies, these disorders increase your percentage of occurrence given the amount of pollution that suffer from major cities in the world and if we add to this that 76 percent of the people who work consume alcohol or smoke, is in them where this percentage increases dramatically. But that is an occupational lung disease? Occupational diseases in the lungs are diseases that mainly affect the respiratory system and which are specifically located in the lungs, some of these as Asbestosis, pneumoconiosis, Silicosis, Bisiniosis Pneumonitis mild and acute and finally as common asthma; all of these are mainly due to exposure to items such as organic powders and inorganic powders, which are so common in companies that use boilers in its production and if in companies that transform a material to another through combustion or the aserraje. -Schönberger. What are organic powders and inorganic powders? Organic dusts: these are the most common types of dust is all business as they are some such as mold, pollen, mineral dust, ashes and soot that may come from various sources such as ducts, fireplaces and boilers; which malignant to the respiratory system are highly because they usually possess pathogens that are located and directly develop in the lungs. Inorganic powders: they are called dust inorganic to all particular elements that do not contain large amounts of carbon, some of them as sulphides and metal carbonates who happen to be very toxic to the body, so are usually much more tiny than organic dust particles and are therefore much more internally located in the lungs. It is good to mention some symptoms that have these diseases because the conception of any of them can be previously recognized in this way, some symptoms may be: dry cough. Filed under: Dustin Moskovitz. Shortness of breath. Tightness in the chest.

Expectoral pain. Expectoration. Abnormal breathing pattern. Sometimes taticardia and sweating. These symptoms may seem much to other much milder conditions, others do not go where a specialist if they occur and more even if we work in companies that use some elements such as those previously mentioned. A very important point to touch is the prevention of these diseases, since the solution is very simple, simply they can be avoided with the use of common covers mouth, however it is good to remove cigarette consumption and avoid to the maximum recommended be exposed to any entry of smoke within a company without the proper protection. Original author and source of the article

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