Oakland Wall

Anti Wall Street groups plan is to occupy the terminals from Alaska to San Diego, according to information disclosed by local media. The initiative was carried out in Los Angeles and Long Beach, main maritime links with the Pacific basin, area in which the Northern Government plans to expand the Exchange, as an alternative to the European market. The idea includes facilities in Seattle and Oakland, where early last month members of the movement of occupants froze all operations for several hours. They also plan to bet in the secondary bases in Anchorage (Alaska), Tacoma (Washington), as well as San Francisco and San Diego (California). According to the CBS television network, the demonstration will be extended to Canada, where will reach the coast Vancouver ports, forming part of the northern West coastal axis. The activity of this day is included within the program who develop numerous groups of outraged since September 17, when several people opposing the current financial system United States they decided to launch a series of protests in New York.

Under the name occupy Wall Street, the movement gained supporters and branched in major cities in the nation, where protesters demanded measures in favour of 99 per cent of the population, affected by the crisis and expand taxes to the remaining one percent, which concentrates wealth. Several of the camps established as bases of the occupants were evicted by the authorities in recent weeks, through methods that sometimes have included the use of excessive force and violence.Washington, 12 Dec (PL) outraged from several cities in the United States today began a March to block simultaneously all the ports of the West Coast, in protest against corporate greed. However, in locations in Atlanta, Oakland and Phoenix, anti Wall Street protesters roam the parks during the day and move and overnight on the sidewalks at night. In other places such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, San Jose, Kansas, Sacramento, Hartford, Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and New York, maintain their general assemblies. The agenda includes daily meetings, cultural outlet for important streets, fairs, workshops and demonstrations in the town halls local, branch offices, corporate offices, and courts.Some of the peaceful marches and occupations of offices have been suppressed by the police beating or with the use of pepper gas, allowed only to suppress violent movements.

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