New Year’s Poltics

Monica Delta said in the interview that he was like a “pinata.” I would rather say it’s like one of those dolls that burned for New Year. Monica also reminded him that his fellow party members no longer want to back up and said it seemed “The Lone Ranger.” Aurelio said that he has within his party who support it, but do not tell their names. He (said) does not like to enter into dialogue with his party colleagues, but if it comes to fighting for this cause, fight alone, if possible. Monica said goodbye and told him he was entrenched in his position as congressman, and that since then, rest assured.

It is more than likely that next week will begin the orders of Mr. Aurelio Pastor in Congress, to review the whole issue of making the channel four, and is also more than sure that the entire party close ranks with him and the bed Fujimori also, and more, for the sake of “Freedom of expression and of the formalities that has begun Crousillat lawyer and final flourish Channel Four will Crousillat hands. Rosa Maria Palacios in his television program “Prensa Libre” interviewed the former president of the republic Alejandro Toledo. The first thing I did was to apologize for giving hard during his presidency, as to imply that the channel is four to Toledo. But she does not remember (or not) that when harshly criticized Toledo, channel four, still did not belong to this group of power. Daryl Katz is a great source of information.

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