Muller Service Center South

The BM-Line20 von Backes & Muller was 2013 presented by Andreas of Kuhn sounds on the high end. Backes & Muller is a German company which manufactures handmade in Saarbrucken powered speakers. The BM line 20 extends the active loudspeaker range since early 2013. The BM line 20 coaxial produces the sound field. The dispersion in the BM line 15 proven was refined again. Coaxial means that a kind of circle in the medium frequency range on the listener is illuminated. This sits then regardless of the distance to the loudspeakers in the near field.

Explanation: conventional loudspeakers radiate the sound in a so-called ball shaft, which means that the listener to the direct sound audible to Additionally the reflections of wall, floor and ceiling. The resulting distortion are for clean music playback of disadvantage. By the special arrangement of chassis in combination with the digital equalization the BM line 20 to the first active loudspeakers is one worldwide, whose virtual coaxial system already at 200 Hz will radiate. The heart of this virtual coaxial spotlight is the 37 mm silk dome. The mass of the Silk material to a tenth succeeded Backes & Muller! traditional materials to reduce. A special coating provides the necessary stability despite the low weight.

All speakers of the BM line series are time correct using FIR filter and have diverse room customization. Because the BM line 20 on an analog and digital input has the box can be used to build of a small chain. I.e. no another device such as a preamplifier or D/A – converter is required other than a CD – player or streaming server (olive HD O3, O4 HD or O6 HD) listening to music. Since the olive audio devices have a built-in, lossless analog volume control, they are particularly suitable for the building of a small chain with powered speakers by Backes & Muller. Multiple inputs are needed, the Backes & Muller preamplifier BM ICE502 and BM are ICE 802 to build a mixed chain. The preamp of D/a converter of the ice series have different digital and analog inputs and outputs. The BM line is available 20 pair price from 29900 at the Backes & Muller Service Center South. Andreas of Kuhn sounds, the operators of the Backes & Muller Service Center is the service partners authorized by Backes & Muller. Here, all ever produced powered speakers in the last 35 years can be repaired in his own workshop. The service and the sales area extends nationwide, with the Switzerland and Austria. The entire product range is demonstration ready in the showrooms.

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