Manager Horses

Learning without words leadership training with horses is the keyword, if laboratory situations and fictional role-playing games no longer bring the Manager today. The exercises with the animals to train not only the understanding of leadership, but encourage the self-assessment of one’s personality. That is why the seminar situation is so valuable. As horses of people created hierarchies are immune, they pose an undistorted mirror image of own (management) behavior, their own personality. In any other seminar, the participants in this form can benefit from a so honest feedback. As flight animals with particularly keen powers of observation make horses on every body signal of the participants, recognize the smallest weaknesses, but also a consistent management style. Horses respond only if they get direct and clear instructions.

Her opposite shows a lack of concentration, self-confidence and responsibility, they turn away. The reactions of the horses provide information about the own leadership and deliver the one or another food for thought. More and more decision makers from industry and politics take part in seminars with horses. The pilot: Project GmbH (www.pilotprojekt.de) from Hanover has a seminar designed that everyone in their career turns, need to communicate much with people and lead them. At the beginning of the two-day event still the theory revolves around: leadership, leadership styles, goal-oriented action and learn to work with the horses. The second day is quite the lesson horse. The exercises have the aim that the participants find a balance between safe occurrence and empathy. You should test out how the horse reacts to your behaviour. Read more here: Asana.

Depending on the personality, participants come to different findings. Anyone can discover his own resources, work on weaknesses, and be aware of unconscious patterns of behavior. Goal is to understand himself and his leadership style. Because only who be behaviour understands, takes improvement measures and assistance following the company on its own employees to be transferred into.

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