Things in the life exist that is better not to understand. Lara lost its apartment luxuosssimo, in the building that at the time was known with the Building of the Eleven Gold Men of the capital, in virtue of its luxury. Lara lost the apartment however it was with one of the gold men that to this height if it transforms into bronze man. Lara lost all its jewels; they had been the rings and they had been the fingers, thank heavens. Lara lost its first beach house, was vendida by one would ninharia to pay debt. The people in charge of the sales of the property had paid the debts and had been with the house.

years later a brother-in-law of Lara was to frum and discovered that the house of Lara was the auction. The relatives of Lara divide had negotiated it that he had its reduced value and had been with the house. The life is thus, thought Lara: money badly profit is this there! Some time after Lara constructed another beach house that at least was not inaugurated, the house was vendida. Lara was young was supporting the bordoadas ones of the life. The years had been passing and Lara obtained to buy another beach house, simple house, type marries of fisherman, who very it was well decorated.

During some Lara years it used to advantage the house. In this height the children of Lara were grown. Lara keeps many good souvenirs in company of the family. The son of Lara arrived of the Europe with the family and Lara gave to the house they to live. There the young couple already was not so happy, how much Lara was. The house was the thirty kilometers downtown and this distance made it difficult the life of the couple and another thing that the daughter-in-law of Lara ignored is that air is very humid, in any place of the island.

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