Currently in society, there is a lack of virtues, caused in large part by the current educational model more worried about the competitiveness of persons who by the integral development as a human being, which has led to a lack of widespread leadership, this is closely linked to the lack of knowledge and application of ethics as a basis for the formation of human beings both at home and within the school and College classrooms. We say that the lack of leadership is related to ethics since as defined by the history of philosophy, this has as object the interpretation of the fact of human life, that is, knowledge of what is right and what is wrong in human conduct, thus, ethics is the study of what is right and what is wrongthe good and bad in human behaviour i.e. all those actions that the person can realize and control. The good news is everything that retains and refines the nature of being, evil is the opposite, it is the absence of something good. Leaders should know this because they should be committed to what should be your good work, also that his followers are human beings and as such may also have the aforementioned shortcomings.

To start, we must knowing us to us in a profound way, make us responsible for our actions forming us in virtues and developing good habits. An incorrect definition of the human being, can make that the leader directed his staff as if they were stones, plants or animals, in the contemporary company everything is designed to mediate the person becoming instrument of the thing, so that is the thing which should be instrument for the person, in the philosophical sense, the end of every company should be the development of the peopleWe say so taking into account the formal principle that prevents us from considering the person as an instrument designed to work, why the Organization must take into account the person, since the end is the person, not the organization. To be able to begin the transformation of the Organization, we must take awareness of the transformation of the person, we cannot change everything and we cannot control everything in us. That is why it is important to know what can change and what you can’t control me, and the nature of such change. The first step to change is be humble to accept that something in me I can change, followed by a knowledge of what I can and I can’t change, culminating with actions that direct my change, this requires a lot of work, effort and desire.

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