Interest Living

Equally, in terms politicians, the interest and bets in the participation politics of the diligent classroom passed to eminently play one current fort of fight for hegemony and democratization of the spaces politicians (movement of ' ' Trabalhismo' ' of the national unions), putting in guideline the aspitaes social politics, demands and specific necessities felt by the classroom, as was if establishing this collective identity and conscience of classroom), at par that &#039 went if fortifying an archetype; ' tradicional' ' of laboring classroom, ' ' with its vises and standards of living of world especficos' ' (P. 280) that, according to author, did not arrive to emerge very before the decade of 1880 and acquired its feies in the following pair of decades – as well as the sprouting of ' ' classroom mdia' ' such we know it to which, its particular figurino and habits (polar region, games of golf, etc), not homogeneizada of what the force that the local and regional roots still possuam in the way of being of the laboring classroom – preservation of the customs, of the folklore, etc. in addition, resisted such trend of standardization/uniformizao. Hobsbawn says of a itensificao and ' social and institucional norteamento of the classroom operria' ' , before invisible, expressing also in the directed cultural industry to the popular one; the proliferation of the press specialized in popular music, for example. Simultaneously, a presumption increment of the standard of living of the workers to the time, decurrent of the low cost of living, the social of the state in respect to the housing, beyond the intensification of the internal consumption, characteristic programs that changes in the production system corroborate the structural alterations in course (; in the consumption habits; in the ways of it offers of the merchandises; in the strategies of association and cooperation between the workers).

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