Infernum Day

Establishment of environmental sciences, professional association e.V. For companies in Germany, sustainability is increasingly becoming the theme: many companies want to achieve a holistic, environmentally-oriented alignment of their value chain. The Fraunhofer Academy offers in cooperation with the Institute for environmental, safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT and the FernUniversitat in Hagen the in-service master studies infernum (interdisciplinary correspondence course in environmental sciences) indicating that training specialists and managers to become experts in this field. Since 2007, at the regularly scheduled infernum day presents latest results of the programme, discusses current issues, and awarded outstanding academic achievements. For this year’s meeting on May 12 in Berlin the social consequences of the energy revolution in the foreground were.

The event at the official launch of the professional Environmental Sciences Association found a special degree The in-service interdisciplinary correspondence course in environmental sciences infernum aimed at Workers in business, associations, science and management, independent and qualified newcomers and newcomers in the environmental field. It gives the participating current specialized knowledge in various areas, such as the energy and environmental engineering, and in the fields of climate, mobility and technology impact research. Focus of infernum programme is the provision of cross-discipline thinking and action, which enables the integration of ecological, economic and social aspects of sustainability, explains Dr. Roman gods, Director of the Fraunhofer Academy. Discussion and prize giving ceremony for the best infernum graduates on the regularly scheduled day of infernum gathered research, science, management, and industry to the fourth year students, graduates and graduates and lecturers of infernum programme as well as experts and experts from, to discuss current issues and prospects of environmental sciences. In the Center stood the challenges and social Consequences of the energy turnaround. So Prof. Franz Josef Radermacher, Member of the Club of Rome, encouraged, to reconsider the concept of prosperity and to promote global justice.

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