Hurricane Gustav

In the Atlantic, was born a new tropical storm 'Gustav' Early last week, was born in the Atlantic Ocean, the seventh account in the current season tropical storms cyclone, named Gustav, the storm gained strength to strength and began to move in a northwesterly direction. The first country of the afflicted 'Gustav' – and the Dominican Republic Haiti. According to local authorities of these island states, the death toll was 52 people. Many houses were destroyed, roofs torn off, torn power lines. Infrastructure, settlements and towns suffered severe damage, whose dimensions are established.

Wind speed was about 140 kilometers per hour. Recall that last week in Haiti stormed another tropical storm – 'Fay', which became the cause of flooding, which resulted in killed 23 people. Contrary to weather forecasts, hurricane 'Gustav', reached the first category of danger to the international five-point scale, intensified and headed out of Haiti in the north-west, threatening Cuba and Jamaica. About 200 thousand people were evacuated to safer areas due to the approximation of Hurricane 'Gustav' from the western Cuban provinces of Matanzas and Pinar del Rio. Approximately one million U.S. residents had been evacuated from the Gulf Coast because of the approaching this area of Hurricane Gustav. " Currently, 'Gustav' is assigned the fourth category of power.

Expected that shortly he reaches maximal force and early weeks befall locality between northeastern part Texas and western – Mississippi. Currently, wind speed 'Gustav' is 230 kilometers per hour. It is moving northwest at 22 kilometers per hour and is located 180 kilometers south of Havana.

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