Clear vision through purely biological pond care HOTREGA Hessen bad Salzschlirf offers algae with the innovative pure organic concentrate TeichVita often affect the biological balance and the view in the Gartenteich.HOTREGA from the Hessian bad Salzschlirf offers the innovative pure organic concentrate TeichVita”a highly effective solution to the sustainable limitation of algal growth in koi ponds, garden ponds, pools and biotopes. The effectiveness is based on the biological interaction between lactic acid bacteria and yeast. Demonstrably, this enables the biodegradation of dead plants, leaves fallen off, fish excrement and other fossils. This the basis of food is removed at short notice the algae in a natural way. 3D Systems: the source for more info. After reduction of the algae, the living and therefore growth conditions for the water plants are drastically improved and there is a permanent stable equilibrium. Unlike conventional algae killer is TeichVita”for people, plants and fish, in particular Koi, completely harmless. 500 ml concentrate are sufficient for approx. 10,000 litres of pond water. For more information

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