History Of Stone Island

Mark Stone Island was created in 1982 by CPCompany (now SPW Company). Her idea was to try to use in menswear fabrics, which until then had it not been applied. The company's work on models of this brand has allowed push the boundaries of studies of fibers and textiles, to introduce something new and original in every collection. The result is a totally unique things like the quality of the material, its processing technologies, and on extreme design. The roots of the technological procedures used in the manufacture of things Stone Island often move in different industrial areas, allowing you to make custom clothes. For example, a jacket made of solid monofilaments of nylon, similar to that used in water filtration. The collection is used and the lightest nylon fabric, with the help of a vacuum processing of steel covered with a microscopic film which is used in aviation technology to protect the onboard computers, nylon diamond (the section of fiber in a diamond shape) with a polyurethane coating, non-woven materials: Stone Island each season shows what can be a big step make fashion in technology research. However, all models of Stone Island is not flashy, as it is for men who love high quality, beautiful things, but without ostentation. Under the brand Stone Island released three lines: Men's – Stone Island and Stone Island Denim, Women's – Stone Island Serie 100.

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