Her Carsten

Working time statute, that the (total) working time, during which you worked are daily eight hours per working day (business days are the days Monday to Saturday), so 48 hours per week should not exceed. The daily working time can be extended up to 10 hours, if within 6 months or 24 weeks on average 8 hours weekdays are not exceeded. By the way: To not consider a daily or weekly maximum number of hours, if you exercise your secondary activity on a self-employed basis. If your ability to work from the side job suffers, if so your side job interferes with the exercise of your main employment. A practical example: You have accepted a part-time job as a waiter and here to fight the nights around the ears. Your need to sleep it is likely come too short, is almost obvious. Here it is only a matter of time that your main profession suffers from your secondary.

The holiday should be holiday, because your annual leave must be used for recreation. An ancillary activity would the recreational purpose of the Contrary to holidays. If you are sick and at the same time pursuing a sideline, you risk a cancellation without notice. You may compete with your main employer in no way with your secondary or work in a company, which is in direct competition to their main employer. Many employers don’t mind, if your employees pursuing a sideline.

You want to be asked only and thus not betrayed. Inform your employer and let you approve your part-time job, even if you were obliged not to do so. It is not worth to be unlawful. In smaller companies, you can have this conversation may personally, is however always recommended, making a clear written agreement that your employer with your secondary activity does not agree. Good start to the second job! Her Carsten of Safty source: nebenjob.de Photo: marco2811 # – Fotolia.com

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