Greco Cafe

The Greco cafe is one of the most renowned cafes that exists throughout Europe. Situated on the Condotil road in the Plaza of Spain in Rome, along with its doors open since 1760, being the bar best known and most ancient of Italy, only behind the Cafe Florian in Venice in 1720. By its gates have entered historical figures such as Stendhal, Goethe, Bertel Thorvaldsen, Mariano Fortuny, Byron, Franz Liszt, Keats, Henrik Ibsen, Hans Christian Andersen, Felix Mendelssohn or Maria Zambrano. Characters who wanted to enjoy a coffee in capsules, stained or cut…who knows?, but surely if they could go now many would already opting for Gourmet Coffee. Precisely Maria Zambrano has had words of praise for this coffee in a letter to his friend Jose Maria Lezama Lima when going to make purchases or arrangements I entered exhausted in el Greco Cafe, you will know of name and fame, and pulled a demurred and arm hurt and the trembling hand, I would start to record.

ZAMBRANO was inspired in this place of consumption coffee and surrounded by some of the most influential characters in those years. Sometimes, he recovered there friendships as the painter Ramon Gaya, another exile from the Spanish civil war. In fact, Zambrano wrote inspired by the enclave the Cafe Greco’s writings play. What we recommend is if you go to el Greco coffee have in mind throughout history and enclave that surrounds him, so prices may be slightly higher than usual. Already it’s matter of personal preference whether you want to pay a little more for a coffee gourmet in a place steeped in history or you can directly buy the coffee in stores and forget about these sites.

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