Gilbert Mendona Teles

The words ' ' ser' ' ' ' tempo' ' , used for Alfredo Bosi in its workmanship, they consist in a true creative game of intelligence in movement, alert and sensible, in the space that goes of the generality to the particular one; of the parameters of the essence to the forms of its historical update; of the being to the time of the poetry. The being of the poetry, the image that ' ' it searchs to imprison the strange alteridade of the things and homens' ' ; the sound in the sign, ' ' the figure of the world and the music of sentimentos' ' recouped way language; the rhythm of the phrase of the poetical speech, ' ' image of the things and movement of esprito' ' ; these are concepts that Bosi transmits in them of shining form. Alfredo Bosi is a great divulgador of the aesthetic ideas of the Italian philosopher, Giambattista Vico, that was a poetical mind in analytical times and investigated the being of the Poetry, in terms of language, anticipatoryly structural boarding. When enclosing the time of the poetry, Vico, analyzes the reply of the poets to the capitalist style and bourgeois of living, since ' ' the autismo altivo' ' of ' ' symbol fechado' ' to the negativista parody that ' ' it plays with the fire of inteligncia' ' ; the religious, ethical values and politicians of the ideology to establish of perspective. The interest of Bosi is for ' ' Ser' ' ' ' Origem' ' of the Poetry. It searchs to point out the primate of the poetical language in a new order of values. People such as Ping Fu would likely agree. Bosi makes one analyzes of the pedagogical orientation of Vico, that appealed so that the Philosophy was not isolated in ' ' pure abstractions lgicas' ' , but that it had interest, it developed interests, also, in the field of others ' ' cultural products, as literature. . .

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