Game System

Lords Online, another of the Super free games of new IGGs.Una expansion for this strategy this game by being released with many updates. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Asana. The changes that lie ahead, including a different and uniquely punctilious graph, a new system strategic and other tunes that we will see in this article. New charts are undoubtedly the novelty in this expansion, since upon entering the browser game, the participants noticed an improvement in the view of their castles. In the cities you may observe a variety of interactions between citizens who never before seen in this kind of strategy games. Citizens will slide from one place to another, merchants selling their products and the sentries patrolling the gates of the Castle. This meticulously detailed. Now, each Lord will have to view the notorious advances obtained by the graph of your city. Better you will, more beautiful and full graphics.

Being a leader is one thing, but the fact of providing true leadership is something very different. The challenge is enormous, so every Lord needs the right tools to be able to succeed and is on this very point where it appears the update referred to the principle, i.e., the new system strategic. This system does not report to the players the as, but rather inform them that buildings are available to be built, updates thereof, and who this available to be recruited. Each of these options will count with a great mosaic of options. All this will allow players to make the right decisions in each advance either prior to start major constructions. More important is, that with this Automation, the participant may devote more time to diplomacy and or war. With cities in order, the next task will no doubt be the expand and conquer neighbors.Let us not forget how important and complicated which is the leveling of heroes, because now, in addition to the usual combat experience against the surrounding monsters, Lords Online will offer a few new spaces to run other types of actions, will not be develadas in this article and whose purpose will be the Ascend the hero level.

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