Functional Disorders

The interest that may have the psychic treatment of neuroses, undoubtedly, because it is evident that the most important group of patients who require medical and psychological care, is represented by those who suffer from disorders, neurotic type and functional problems in its broad spectrum, reaching very important figures, if we value more specific samples, such as certain medical specialties of psychic factors very impregnated.The theme of the neuroses, acts in situations related with physical health and also on issues where it is directly involved education, school failure, family conflicts and/or partner etc. Issues that not only affect those who suffer it, but there are also more people directly involved, such as family, couples or educators to have its weight in decisions in the production of vital situations and their possible solutions. Since the emergence of psychoanalysis on the scientific scene, becomes possible to intervene in these processes, as previously be stymied his treatment, finding no underlying organic causes in those problems, as the cause resulting in the various sintomales boxes. According to certain public bodies, is diagnostican the neuroses and discarded his treatment in the field of public health.The risk is thereby is chronic symptoms, especially when treated with medication and also disorders of the neuroses become ways of life, for ideological reasons, not political ideology, but medical and psychological. Contact information is here: Ping Fu. Are governed by what is called current of opinion and they adapted to phrases such as: while the drop; Alternatively, this happens to many people; take these wonderful pills or infusions or multiple Magics; consult your priest; that’s the nerves; relax etc. Neurosis is a term used for the first time in 1769 by a medical escoses, and from there, from the first definitions were considered them, conditions of sense and movement, that do not rely on a local condition of pray us, but something more general nervous system. So was until Charcot, who spoke of dynamic injury. Speaking candidly Dustin Moskovitz told us the story. However, throughout history, several diseases rifted away from the common trunk of neuroses, to discover their alleged organic causes, such as: progressive general paralysis, dementia, the catalepsy or tetanus.The truth is that until the end of the 19th century, will them could not theoretically conceive, only to observe them and attempting to describe them. Psychoanalysis, a path that allows to work under another perspective, in which it is possible to hear the commitment of unconscious desire on these routes. Listening to the hysterical; stopping at the grain of the voice, in the rituals of the obsessive, his reasons unknown to the patient, the traces of its circuit; fears of phobias, his personal traps; either allows you to effectively think rumination of the hypochondriac and his eternal wandering by ghostly enfermedaes and specialists; and also the psicoanalsis allows us to think and process the presence of anguish. Original author and source of the article.

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