Of the over 4 million members, over half a million are regularly active. The FlirtCafe is simple and straightforward, and you can flirt already aged 16 and over, data, chat. Online contacts are possible directly with active users and the fun factor is also here in the foreground. With a very reasonable Einstiegsabbo for the younger target group, FlirtCafe is a low-cost alternative for over 1.8 million members. betterDate offers better dates from the home of eDarling …einfach. Class instead of mass, the young single portal for quality and hand-tested member profiles is known. With comparatively low prices after a free trial period, betterDate as yet little portal on the market of the single stock has a good chance in the growth. The 3 TOP personals portals are the three largest and best online portals for Personals: neu.de friendscout24.de bildkontakte.de over 100,000 of the 5 million registered single are simultaneously logged in neu.de daily especially at night and so contacts record.

Talk to leave without their own messages is completely free at neu.de. Due to the mass of users the quality comparatively is not as high however as with the partner agencies. At friendscout24 registered over 10 million single and over 6 million personals are active at Germany’s partner portal no. 1. Thus providing friendscout24 search functions and a chat feature the largest portal for online contact ad. A free trial membership is possible. Over 2 million are registered with image contacts and that is only possible with an image. This improves the first impression in the contact selector over the image. Your messages are also available in the free version.

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