Not be happened nothing special to fill a folio blank decided to detain me in reading, to escape a daunting reality because the crisis is still there, politicians are still encouraging corruption, personal quarrels and other trifles, while our economy does suffer a little more. Nobody has been lifted yet but should still not lose hope that things will change, but the transition will be slow and long, mobilize requires concentration, commitment and effort and the current Spanish goes to yours without interest by anything in particular, beyond of football. The average Spanish is a type that does not like to complicate the existence, modern is to leave politics in the hands of politicians, big mistake, Spaniards took refuge in football, to escape from a harsh reality that he lives. Fight with the Bank and little more because the other things are not important, it is sad but this is the case, the average Spanish has lost interest up to reproduce, which is very striking. Modern is to destroy everything What unites, Spain is a strange country where they begin to change things, modern is speaking ill of the flag, the anthem and those symbols that unite us, it does not interest us rather than live a day, thinking about the future seems to be something that generates an impressive capsizing in the half Spanish. Then there is the minority criticizes all evil sees it because it observes the injustices and thinks that change things, it would be nice, but you can’t find mechanisms to do so, because everything is mounted so as to change provisions is an arduous task that has begun through the network, place where the Government is not yet implemented, a padlock at the moment to ban things, but everything got there is that monitoring personnel lest you have own ideas and critical spirit and us apee power and that would not be good people wants no politicians, no one he trusts them, but it is not you that support them, although it would be nice to prohibit the policy as a way of life, so the removal of less serious reality and things would be better even we would avoid temptations pharaonic so common in politicians who govern us.

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