Director World Excellence

It is very pleasing to see the title of this article, excellence in what little in practice. Pride and excellence go hand in hand. The definition of excellence includes superior quality or goodness that makes worthy of appreciation and believes one thing and pride is defined as dignity, honor, self-love, feeling of satisfaction towards something in-house or close to one that is considered meritorious. If we love what we do and we have learned to enjoy what we have, we must express ourselves and express us in harmony at this. Some practical examples are: only has 3 pairs of shoes? that are clean and acceptable condition little clothes? that is clean, ironed, with its buttons, complete seams do old truck? keep the body in the best possible condition, clean Interior does business? (Cafeteria, Colmado, gas station or seller of flowers, among others) that the establishment is in order, clean, organized, simple decoration but in good taste, very cheerful and willing staff to service in all time if you are a professional, tailor, seamstress, stylist, seller, craftsman and others that the work area is in order, documents a day, don’t forget to give the extra mile service, pleasant personal image do you live in a modest house or apartment? that is clean, orderly, yard clean, trash in its place, painted structure you love yourself, you value as a professional, service provider and individual shows your pride! And remember, contentment is to be happy with what we have. Brenda Liz Gines, Director World feminine for women with little time – handy beauty for women of today-www.mundofemeninopr.

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