) Inside of this picture it remained to communist parties if to adaptarem to the great only center of decision and, the communist International passed, ‘ ‘ of instrument of the socialist revolution in instrument of the diplomacy of the bureaucracy sovitica’ ‘ . With this new configuration the U.R.S.S placed in practical one politics, whose only intention was to defend its interests while nation, that is, the proliferation of the revolution in world-wide scope left the order of the day in detriment of the strategical alliances, such as the politics of pacific coexistence. An example clearly of these delineations made until is the case of the Spanish civil war here, where the U.R.S.S supported an alliance, an only front of all the social classrooms around the popular front, locating against workers and peasants whom if they had organized spontaneously coletivizando lands and against military services that if courageous imposed against the forces of Franco.O broken communist of Spain following the determination of the only center: The encarniado more became defender, more the sanguinrio consequence and of the reestablishment of the bourgeois order. It did not make it, certainly, as agent of the bourgeoisie, but yes as agent of kremlin, blinded for the fear of that a victorious socialist revolution in Spain and France would lead to one ‘ ‘ great aliana’ ‘ all the imperialistas powers against the Sovitica.No Union if dealt with, certainly, of a tactical viragem. As soon as the Soviet diplomacy changed the weapon of shoulder and concluded the pact Hitler-Estaline//(Mandel, Ernest. 1977). Mandel clearly leaves the direction of the actions undertaken for the U.R.S.S, and is exactly these actions that had provoked great disillusionments and loss of militant in the European communist parties, that is, with the evidence spoils of it of the intentions of the Soviet behavior soobrou to the European communist parties to undertake an independent, desvencilhada behavior of the great only center, therefore, it forges in the sphere of the peripcias of the Soviet bureaucracy and prohibited been improper its of the socialism in one alone country and of the practical one of the popular front, alliance of classrooms in the search of the social-democratization.

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