Cultural Center

Valencia is the third Spanish city by importance and population, after Madrid and Barcelona and a therefore, the most striking of the country. Valencia has a wide range of events, monuments, festivals, etc. to view: the city of Arts and Sciences, the competition of the America’s Cup, extraordinary beaches and one of the most famous festivals worldwide, failures. The Bohemian Barrio del Carmen is another of its countless treasures. This extends from the bed of the River Turia to the North of the Central market and enjoys an interesting combination of modern cafes and historic buildings that give it a very peculiar air. Del Carmen is a millennial neighbourhood and part of the historic centre of Valencia which has developed between three walls: Islam, dating back to the 11th century and was limited to the East; Christian, dating back to the 14th century and was limited by the West; and the wall that encompassed the slums. Meanwhile wall, created a system of portals to solve the communication problems. Who has not visited the barrio del Carmen, can not say that you know actually the city of Valencia, since it’s the most castizo district.

The Central Square is the heart of the neighbourhood and the Centre of entertainment in the area. The neighborhood owes its name to the Church of Carmen footwear, settled around which people centuries ago. The visitor should not miss the Portal de la Valldigna, the towers of Serranos and the Torres de Quart, the Plaza Redonda, the Cultural Center of the charitable, the famous Church of Carmen and some museums scattered through the area. In addition, del Carmen is one of the best neighborhoods for partying and enjoying the night. All its bars, restaurants and pubs breathe a Bohemian atmosphere and are always full of people wanting to have fun. Run for your flight and fly heading to the city of flowers. You’ll love! Rent apartments in Valencia to make your stay more welcoming and enjoy the trip.

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