Cudillero is one of the most charming of all Asturias. It is a coastal settlement which is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the North of Spain, with an impressive nature, both for lovers of the sea and for lovers of the mountain. A visit to Cudillero is forced to see their churches, such as the San Martin de Luina or the Jesus the Nazarene, to admire its amphitheatre, which is nothing more than the houses overlooking the plaza, simulating a few suites that overlook the scenario, or to test some of the delights of the Asturian cuisine, such as fabada and fabes with clams. Without a doubt worth climbing to the top of the village, from where one has a breathtaking view over the roofs of Cudillero and the sea looks that, with its steep cliffs and the contrast of the green of the trees with the blue sea. In the surroundings of Cudillero many activities in nature, as rides on horseback by del monte or boat trips. For lovers of the beach, the beaches of San Pedro and la Concha de Artedo and the classroom of the Pixuetos contained among the best in Spain and this year received three blue flags.

As principal architectural works are:-the chapel of the Humilladero, is Gothic but very reformed. Its structure is square with buttresses and vault of warheads. It has an altarpiece from the 16th or 17TH centuries. More info: Procter & Gamble. -The Church of San Pedro is Gothic but from the 16th century, is paid for by the people of the village. Its structure is made of ribbed and semicircular apse-vaulted single nave. During the Civil War it was burnt down and back to build. In recent times it has been subjected to a process of restoration.

-The Church of San Martin de Luina of the 18th century, is of a Latin cross with three naves, the walls are revoked masonry and Ashlar which is visible in cornices, arches and pillars. All covered with less the transept with a dome. It has side porches that opens in three semi-circular arches on pillars. The sculptured decoration is at the door with grooved pilasters and mouldings of ear. It has three good Baroque altarpieces. -The Church of Santa Maria de Soto de Luina, is historical and artistic monument, its structure is single nave, double transept and semicircular chancel. It has a three-storey Square Tower, in the two superiors with hornacinas and including rectangular Windows, Tower is completed with stone cornice and gargoyles in feline form. It has Baroque altarpieces of the 18th century, the largest dedicated to the Virgin of humility that adapts to the shape of the apse. Original author and source of the article

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