Courtyard Cafe

Etelsen poet pair takes popular excursion Cafe Lydia and Roland Pollnitz, the well-known poet pair Etelsen, have made their great dream true and on Tuesday specifically Cafe you opened. We are overwhelmed. The opening was a huge success and has exceeded all of my expectations, raved about the charming five-time mother with beady eyes and her husband promised in his rhyming opening speech: we want ‘ n which always put the good, the better we strive for more. As a representative of community Langwedel congratulated Gerd Brandt, head of the order Office and Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Association, the new restaurateurs and expressed the expectation, the well-run, renowned Courtyard Cafe in Haber LOH that being known and popular far beyond the long Waldron, in the previous sense continue. You should bring new ideas, so here in the small Haber LOH continue a message for the culinary Langwedel is.

And he thanked the couple Renate and Jo Drescher, with his great personal and business use, the courtyard Cafe had made a popular destination for young and old. More than a hundred guests from the great cold buffet that had conjured up the hostess together with their daughter Lisa, to indulge themselves to the pleasures of the body and the natural park Garden Court Cafe availed themselves in the blink of an eye. Also quite Haber LOH appeared to include the new restaurateurs welcome in its midst. Cafe is a gift. Of course we also offer homemade cakes and pies, and the popular breakfast buffet “, emphasized the poet couple.”There is still a thousand new ideas, which we will implement the best. On our new Web site everyone can read, what’s new. Applies in any case: not a Walker is sent away when one of us is in the Cafe. The opening times are preserved: Thursday to Sunday from 14: 00-18:00 and in groups even after agreement.

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