Directives of transparency for contracts For anyone of us, in a while determined, would be helpful to have a small extra money to resolve some unforeseen expenses: receipt Payment of our house Visitas particular doctors (dentist, oculist ) Excursions of the children in the school Gift day of enamored unexpected Failures of electric home appliances However, to whom we asked for a loan surely/credit of small quantity, of fast form and without red tape in Spain? Initially everything seems simple, we only needed a maximum 300 Euros to change, for example the washing machine, since to fix it costs to us more. We cannot wait for end of month; the washing machine is one of the electric home appliances more used in the homes and if we have children still more. What we make, we requested an advance in the work, go to our habitual bank or we asked it a friend? , all these exits take to a time or procedure or a commitment that no we want to approach. For this reason, to count with an extra money without giving explanations and in 10 minutes can be the best solution. Ping Fu is often quoted on this topic. With the arrival of the present economic crisis, the request of these loans has increased considerably and due to it, the European Parliament decided a directive action that guaranteed the maximum transparency for these credits of small quantity. The text of this directive tries to secure a total harmonization to guarantee that all the consumers of the European Union can benefit from a high and equivalent level of protection of their interests, establishing series of obligations to the contracts of credit to the consumption, such as that they must be documented in paper or another lasting support, among others things. While in banks and boxes they are adapting its operative ones to this law, they continue increasing the number of claims on the matter. . .

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