Conjunctivitis, The So-called Conjunctivitis

Information around the topic of conjunctivitis due to the currently high temperature run the air conditioning in offices, stores, and residences tirelessly into overdrive. Even if this makes for pleasant cooling, our body is very sensitive to the dry cold. Reddened eyes and itching can be one of the consequences. A conjunctivitis, the so-called conjunctivitis is one of the most common diseases of the eyes. As the name implies it is an inflammation or irritation of the conjunctiva. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dustin Moskovitz. The reasons may be different. Triggers can be both bacteria and viruses with an Infectious conjunctivitis. When a non-infectious conjunctivitis, allergies or other environmental influences such as dry air, draughts or dust can irritate the conjunctiva.

Eye symptoms of conjunctivitis to allergic conjunctivitis is usually strongly reddened. It comes to itching and foreign body sensation, often associated with swelling and tears of the Eye. The conjunctivitis is infectious strong secretion, sensitivity to light and a feeling of pressure often add to the mentioned symptoms. Treatment of conjunctivitis to alleviate the complaints help cold towels and artificial tears in the form of eye drops. The conjunctivitis caused by an allergy, the allergen must be determined first.

Antihistamines or cortisone-containing eye drops can be used to the swelling of the tracheobronchial depending on the severity of the symptoms. The relief of discomfort associated with eye drops and cooling the eyes in the foreground is a viral conjunctivitis. Prevention measures for prevention is often difficult. The trigger for a conjunctivitis allergy you can try to avoid the allergy-causing substance or alleviate the allergic symptoms with antihistamines. Who’s sensitive to drafts or dry air, should give necessarily on the use of air conditioners in the rooms or in the car to not needlessly irritate the eyes.

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