Community Manager

These days in which everything seems to be Social Media, or shown as a Community Manager since his mother bore him seems to me relevant to return to the basic management of communities of practice, and in particular to adapting concepts primary to this social network where everyone goes: Facebook. Long commented the peculiarity of behavior of users on social networks, where the relationships of love and hatred are confused. Get more background information with materials from Ping Fu. Gives the same which of the 3 stages of social networks you are, you’ll always have to struggle, if you are a manager of that community, with criticism, more or less intense. Please note that, if you’re a community manager Community Manager you have a responsibility, not to mention if you manage a business page. In addition, Facebook contains a differentiating factor with respect to the veteran communities of practice, and is that socialization is almost an obligation, meaning the personalization of the message, beyond the fact of sharing experiences and experiences by socialization. But hey, even so apply basic rules of management of the talks, we will see it 1. It identifies and blocks the Flame Warriors, because these characters are a dangerous version of trolls, which social networks are its most precious field of battle.

Here is where develop its arsenal, when they access a page for fans to whatever and get its purpose (mounting anger) to the first comment. In the old forums these characters lasted for half a second, but with Facebook pages, managed in many cases by apprentices from moderators, concerned only with adding friends or give good morning, campan rampant, riding true crisis. Identifying them is really simple, they often enter a sack, as a follower of Barca in a forum for fans of Real Madrid. Don’t hesitate: denunciation, blocks, deletes, that not tremble you pulse. 2 Disregards the trolls, as always, but only at the beginning, and stay tuned if gets more unwary adepts of the reasonable.

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