If you are coffee, it is very likely that you’ve tried ever Colombia coffee, coffee from Colombia is located virtually anywhere, supermarkets and restaurants. Between the coffee experts there are many views, from those who love them to those who say that too many soft or too bitter. There are therefore opinions of all kinds. In any case is the cheapest coffees for the final consumer. The process of washing of the coffee in Colombia in Colombia occurs lots of types of grains, most of a quality media, though with exceptions. Despite this variety, it is difficult to appreciate differences in flavor derived from the washing process that undergoes the grain before being marketed.

The washing process removes all impurities from the coffee bean so that it produces a strong and characteristic taste. Coffee beans treated with drying system has a very different flavor. This wash system, grains soaked in water for 24 hours. During this process starts the fermentation process, and begins to produce the aroma of coffee. In a second phase the coffee turns soaking to remove traces of dirt and debris adhered to the grain. Subsequently the grain is classified by eliminating defective grains.

After the washing process, the grain is dried outdoors. The ultimate goal of the washing process is lowering the level of acidity and increase the smoothness of the coffee. This treatment of coffee has been used since the year 1800. Cafe de Colombia was the first to be introduced among the general public. The coffee in Colombia should not be compared with any gold since they have their own characteristics. It is true that many do not consider it as the best coffees on the market, however always guarantees a consistent quality, especially if the grain they are fresh, they have been properly roasted and ground properly according to the prepared coffee. If you need more information about coffee bean click. Also review our blog about coffee and coffee express tips.

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