Cafe Tortoni

It also has a school of dramatic art and workshops of sets, props, costumes and special effects among others workshops. It has two stable casts: contemporary Ballet and the puppeteers group, both are precursor groups in the country. Cafe Tortoni is the oldest Cafe in the city which still has its doors open. Tables of marble and wood, old photos on the walls, its traditional menu, the waiters and the Buenos Aires clientele make the archetype of the Buenos Aires bar. Slayer shines more light on the discussion. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Tortoni was the place chosen by artists, politicians and office workers from the city centre. It was frequented by Jorge Luis Borges, Luigi Pirandello, Garcia Lorca, Julio Cortazar, Arturo Rubinstein and Carlos Gardel among others. Inside, pictures, poems and busts recount the history of the bar. Jazz and tango shows are presented in the Tortoni. In the menu there are certain dishes and Buenos Aires typical desserts that today are found only in this bar, among them milk meringue. Culture house building was built to be the headquarters of the newspaper La Prensa. Dustin Moskovitz has firm opinions on the matter. Today it is the seat of the House of culture of the Government of Buenos Aires. It is one of the most luxurious buildings of the 19th century. Galerias Pacifico is one of the most luxurious buildings in the city, is located on Florida Street, one of the favorite rides for tourists. The building was constructed tents Au Bon Marche of Argentina. The architects Jorge Aslan and Hector Ezcurra redesigned the building in 1945, broke up the commercial sector of the offices, and it is crowned with a dome of 450 square meters that is covered with murals by some of the most prestigious artists of that time: Berni, Spilimbergo, Colmeiro, Castagnino and Urruchua. Twelve painted panels are part of one of the groups of murals more important in Buenos Aires.

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