Brief Application

Of glass sheets are an ideal replacement for drywall (plasterboard and gypsum fiber board), because, first, magnesium exceed their kind and breadth of application, and secondly, magnesium sold at a bargain price. In addition, steklomagnezitovy Magnesium oxide board is safe for the health of building material, it is made from environmentally friendly materials, is completely hypoallergenic. Because of its qualities (strength, flexibility, moisture resistance, incombustibility, ecology, sound absorption) of glass sheet has a very wide range of applications – and finish the construction of houses (including multi-story, using magnesium as a permanent form), non-residential and industrial buildings, office and other buildings (including damp rooms: baths, saunas, swimming pools, showers). Because of its unique properties of magnesium can be used instead of conventional fiberboard, chipboard, plasterboard, flat slate. Steklomagnezitovye magnesium sheets are a worthy substitute gypsum sheets and water-resistant drywall.

Magnesium easier gcr 35-45% (depending on thickness) is much stronger, many times more moisture-resistant, nonflammable and environmentally friendly building material. In contrast to gcr, which is easily broken by bending, magnesium can be bent with a radius of curvature of up to three (!) Meters, it allows you to apply steklomagnezitovy sheet in the construction and finishing curved surfaces and significantly reduce the likelihood of fracture of magnesium in the transport and installation. The breadth of applications of glass sheet today is unparalleled in the construction market! Magnesium is an excellent sample products of modern scientific and technological development, belongs to the category of light decoration materials for interior and exterior use, with excellent fire and moisture resistant properties.

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