When reading the heading of our article, the reading friend can have thought that the text would have as boarding a religious subject, however, I want to call the attention for a controversy in the speech politician our representative greater, president Lula. In speeches recently inflamed, and until motivadores of a stoppage of our Congress, Squid exaltou the conquest of the fossil fuel exploration in the daily pay-salt of the Brazilian coast, a still very devoid project not only in the development of technologies for in fact removing the precious liquid that if lodges to a depth of about 6 the 7 a thousand meters of depth, as in the deepened quarrel more with the society. So that it has advances in the development of our country, the participation of the State with placed politics of clear form is uncosteded and without ambiguidades, one practical one that in the reality it does not come being followed the risk. In this panorama of controversy we can cite the poliqueiros speeches of Squid in the last times. What we want to know is: Which the base of the platform exactly accepting some actions of our government, I do not find this type of strategy just. The necessary government to have well clear goals, a national project of long stated period is necessary for survival of our nation in this new century. In the same line, after to take one ‘ ‘ paulada’ ‘ economic crisis, taking together some countries for the well, U.S.A. until the present date had not made nothing to modify ‘ ‘ rule of jogo’ ‘ of the financial market. After all of accounts the crisis proved that the speculative capital, that does not produce nothing, cannot continue ordering in the game. It is necessary to strengthen our nationalistic spirit, and to leave more for made right and logical decisions as the reduction of the hours of working to fortify the internal consumption, and the reduction of the interests of market for the growth of our productive sector.

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