Brazilian Social Service

Although the one construction project ethical-politician if cannot affirm that the professional body will not be field of tensions, contradictions and divergences. The process of construction and consolidation of the professional ethical project must clearly be in what it says respect to Pluralism, for an exchange of ideas and debate and not through mechanisms of coercion, exclusion or discrimination. The sociopolticas dimensions of the project ethical-politician of the Social Service first aim at the establishment of the equity and social justice, so that the access to the goods and services, relative to the politics and social programs, are conquered by all the human beings. The magnifying and the consolidation of the citizenship are right civil, in such a way social as politicians. For in such a way the ability in the professional scope it is basic, therefore it all bases the project that always must be perfected through the intellectual deepening of each social assistant, beyond always stimulating in all the professionals the constant desire investigativo. The Code of professional Ethics make reference to reference this when it portraies the divergences generated in the half professional, by means of discords of some professionals on the content of the same. A time that the ethical values are basic therefore the professional project requires this recital, the ethical valuation crosses the professional project as a whole. According to Oliveira, ‘ ‘ the object of this quarrel is the social political direction of the Project professional ethical-politician of the Brazilian Social Service, therefore it is the collective and public reference of the professional project of rupture with the professional conservadorismo redefining its social political direction of commitment with the interests of the diligent classroom. …

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