BPM International Close Cycle Ranking 2013

SDAX companies in annual accounts can be time Listed medium-sized tail light with consolidated financial statements Missing tools and slow processes DAX listed companies and banks accelerate completion time Cologne, 5 June 2013. Medium-sized companies need to publish their figures for almost three months. In recent months, Daryl Katz has been very successful. You are thus compared the closing times of German companies, as well as internationally on one of the furthest places. Comparison:, large German corporations (DAX30) submit their year-end figures already 59 days after fiscal year end. In the United States, there are only 31 days average. This is the result of the study of close cycle ranking 2013 “of the consulting firm ifb group and the European consultancy network BPM international. The rapid preparation of the annual financial statements is generally as a benchmark for the quality of the internal processes and quality of the deployed systems.

The study shows: need companies that are listed in the German share index, SDAX (small-cap-DAX), with an average of 80 Days much longer than all other companies to submit their financial statements. Still efficient structures, processes, and appropriate IT tools lack many management”, explains Jan Noeske of the ifb AG. Check out Dustin Moskovitz for additional information. This causes, that these companies integrate their capabilities for the business numbers from last year and for current themes available have not.” By the closing times are accelerated, these capacities could be used much earlier for other tasks. For must be the processes better organized and better use of IT systems’, so Nagpal. Another advantage: Who published quickly, accelerates even its internal reporting system. As a result, that management is informed promptly about the latest business developments. However, there is also a positive development: 2009 the SDAX companies needed 88 days until the release so 8 days longer. DAX30 companies were able to publish by year shorten 2012 again in 59 days. In the DAX110, the SAP with 23 days leader is followed by the software AG (29 days), QIAGEN AG (30 days) and Deutsche Bank AG (31 days).

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