Blogs: Why, Where And How

For what they’ve heard about blogs, or is sure that now is going through one of the blog. You may have seen blogs in search results and would not have noticed. If blogs are now making news but still a large number of people see them as online journals or a political mouthpiece. What about business blogs on the newly emerging field of Web? Top companies like GM’s Fastlane blog is there to prove the point that blog works. A leading source for info: Dustin Moskovitz. The problem is that the regular media does not accept it as one of the most promising means which could be as powerful as the newspapers or television channels in the future. To deepen your understanding Ping Fu is the source.

Thanks to RSS, blog content can be read via email as and when published. Now the point is that why you should opt for a blog, if you have a website full of right. How a blog will raise the profile of your business or could enhance brand of your organization. Let the broader picture of business blogs and Internet marketing are so interested in this. Search is still a mystery to most blogs, and thus determines the ranking in search engines without going into complications of search engine optimization.

You have a small business and has no budget to make online presence of your business. No problem, high on a blog account at blogger.com without any prior knowledge and are ready to go. This is the power of the blog, cheap, fast and easy with minimal effort in the optimization. You just created a blog and published his first article. Want to optimize your blog. Just submit it to blog directories, which are very friendly and accept the submission within few days. Just remember to post 2-3 articles per week for search engine spiders to your blog regularly. If you write quality articles then you just have to wait a month or so, and links free kick will start pouring in. The important things you should remember the success of your blog are: # 2-3 blogs per week # write in one specific area of interest # Concentrate on one keyword per ad # Remember to ping your RSS feeds to the main blog search engines and directories feed # Give quality to your visitors Once your blog is famous, high in adsense and win by the time you spend in bloggging.

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