Between Music And Drawing

Almost all along I am imbuido in music, that one that takes to me on its wings towards the spiritual rest, animating to me to listen the quiet and complex Universe, of where they awake musas of the creation. Every day is a quota of life when receiving and to give of one. It is as if with our words and attitudes, we drew on the other beautiful landscapes that alleviate their load to them, and of those who we received that energy proper that to the made compatible being is made strong base of ours walk the way of our day. I want to think that each has that simple knowledge to be useful for the life, from several perspective and in different surroundings: same personnel with one, personal one with its pair, relative with each one of the members of its familiar, social and amical cell. We must be like those artists whom beyond hoping to receive right applause and recognitions, they give of himself to make shine the face of the others with an open and sincere smile, to feed the spirit with solaz of enriching calm, to increase the content of love in the heart of all. . In recent months, Daryl Katz has been very successful. We can and we must be musical and sketchers of the life, to obtain that sintonicemos with the others like necessary and unique pieces that they allow to move the motor of life of our same types of right way. It is not difficult but we must begin by us. Music is universal like the drawings, do not depend don’t mention it, are free as it must be the soul and the heart of each of us, abrir us to the divine melody of the understanding and the reason, in tries of the happiness. Original author and source of the article

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