The LISMI is the Act 13/1982 of 7 April, Social integration of handicapped persons, which provides for public and private businesses employing more than 50 workers, the obligation to employ a number of disabled persons not less than 2% of the workforce. In the event that a company can not incorporate the quota of 2% of people with disabilities there are alternative measures that facilitate these companies comply with the law. Read additional details here: Dustin Moskovitz. There are companies non-profit working with disabled people, working towards the labour integration of persons with disabilities. This type of companies, disseminate their proposals of collaboration between companies to facilitate the integration of persons with a disability at the same time that helping the law enforcement. By the same author: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. These special employment centres offer many possibilities to other companies and institutions. The possibilities that are offered ranging from gardening, catering, printing cheap online, call center, telemarketing, mailing, mailing.

Those companies that avail themselves to the alternative measures set out in the Act for compliance with the same, can access specific information on projects of labor insertion of persons with disabilities who can finance, and on products that can be purchased and the services that can be contracted to special employment centres in which people with disabilities work. It is important to educate professionals and entrepreneurs so that they are aware of the capabilities of these workers, the legal obligation of hiring of the Lismi, necessary adaptations, existing subsidies, etc. The need that from administrations encourage the implantation of courses, modules and specialities aimed at persons with disabilities. In general, information on social action for the majority of Spanish companies is a marginal area, without a documented strategy and, therefore, without goals or indicators defined in the medium term. Also, companies do not provide data neither investment nor impact. Some studies also show that the action Social is the least important content for the Presidents of large companies, since only in the half of the studied companies its President makes some reference to this matter in the letter that presents the annual report of the company. Original author and source of the article.

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