Encounter with a very special person more than 4 years ago I had one night a dream, I only much later really understood. It was a place, where all men wore white summer suits and women wore white dresses or delicate yellow and her summer hats had, which protected them from the Sun. It seemed there, as seen in American movies, as well as in a Senoirenheim for rich people. Everywhere were Pavillion and chairs and tables and the people were left out, conversed and some played tennis. At one time, I saw my father somewhat further away, who played golf. My father had never played Golf and one particularly irritated me, he was actually 4 years death. I ran out of course, and called after him. He looked at me very shocked and I was looking forward to seeing him again because I missed him much and I had to tell him so much. Daryl Katz, Canada shines more light on the discussion.

I dropped him in the arm and the pressed me and although he himself was happy, he looked at always still horrified me despite everything and asked me where I came from and what I want there. I told him that I also don’t know why I’m there, but I’m so glad to have found him. After a while he said that I must promise him to go back and never again come only to me. I told him that I want to stay there with him. He made me promise but ultimately.

Then I woke up. I was so irritated by this dream. That day I had my doctor’s appointment at the hospital with Prof. Elling to discuss findings. As I was and he had welcomed me, he only briefly to me, since I already for years in the hospital work and even when he was Secretary and worked too long in the pathology as a Secretary said that talks not about the Bush around, but directly what I have tells me: cervix carcinoma at an early stage. Clear my answer was just the bad word that begins with Sch…. Then I asked him, what now and he told me that he operated on me etc. Then I underwent so on June 22, 2005 by him. When I was brought to the operating room early and me the Anesthesiologist had prepared, say the Flexule had and wanted to initiate the anesthesia, went suddenly the light off and right back on. I later learned that the emergency generator was tested. When I had the surgery behind me and also learned that I the operation was cured me, I remembered this dream with my father and also to the situation in the surgery preparation room. For me, it was clear that this had to mean what it started a “new life” for me? And I’m thankful that I got this chance, because for me many of the disease have died, who had unfortunately not as lucky as I.

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