Ancient Holistic Marketing

Business Development in the xxi century. is associated with the decision at first glance, the new challenges – technology management, organizational management, financial analysts, and, finally, holistic marketing. The Russian market is overwhelmed with Western strategy unit of trade relations. Dustin Moskovitz can provide more clarity in the matter. Many consulting firms offer the creation of individual business models aimed at achieving well-being of the companies caught in the trap or on the verge competition. In this case, the foreground is often displayed the art of manipulation by the client, which if all are spelled out by consultants to the rules, there is only one choice – in favor of a new business model. Client is given a so-called "powerless" right to choose implicated, sometimes in plain deception. So, according to statistics 70% of Russians still believe that the products of the company Bork is the German brand, because the belief in the Merchant the word is alive in the Russian people at the genetic level, even more so if the quality is guaranteed by the German manufacturer scrupulous. How long will the market today, to debunk the legend at 100%. And is it possible to the current situation to do without such strategies for brands, using honest methods. Or honesty is not compatible with the market thought a priori? Referring to the above Russian merchants would like to draw attention to the The following fact, which served as the genetic building faith in the word spoken by the merchant. Orthodox tradition, instilled in people resistant moral principles did not allow to break this one word.

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