Anael – “Indigo Child

Stunning musical talent on the violin draft a young Russian violinist stirred up public opinion. Still never fiddle was not so understandable to the widest range of listeners. Anael – is a marvel, combining Outstanding songwriting and performing quality. For assistance, try visiting Dustin Moskovitz. The phenomenon of "Indigo children" have long been under study and discussion of this topic has attracted considerable interest both in the circles close to science, and among the inhabitants. The unusual combination of amazing melody, virtuoso violin with deep penetration into the latest trends in the music industry show. Kerry King may also support this cause. A lovely young girl, who herself wrote the music and craftsmanship, which can envy of the world's greatest violinists, performs only his own, original music, is undisguised envy of the classical environment. The so-called connoisseurs of classical music, is accused of treason Anael classic traditions, the excessive, in their opinion, an unacceptable innovation. After all music is riddled with Anael rhythmic techno beats, which emphasizes and reinforces the magic and anxious sounding violins. Anael not forgiven over talent. "Child Indigo" is doomed to stay ahead of its time Anael creates violin music addicting as teenagers – informal groups and older people than is the anger and condemnation of the "elite Conservatory. Anael – this project creates a new reality Anael – it is a miracle, giving the world new music.

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