Alternative Energy

Kofi Annan: "Safeguarding the environment… It is a guiding principle in all our work in support of sustainable development is an essential component in the eradication of poverty and one of the foundations of peace." By: It's nine in the morning and a bright sun sheds its powerful rays by almost deserted field north of the Guajira. Abbess, a Wayuu woman of 29 years, down from the donkey that has traveled two miles from his village and sets out to fill several mucuras with water that rests in the pool next to the mill. It is a routine that meets two or three times a week to stock up on rare and precious liquid in your area. Once the containers are full mounts again in the noble and faithful animal and is ready to return, but before approaching where several countrymen, greet and exchange a brief conversation with them. We provide a gourd and the content of this wet your hair to cool.

At the bottom in a trough goats and some cows calm your thirst before going in search of pasture, quite scarce indeed, in the summer. Children play around a pond while a group of several women engaged in washing clothes for her family. Two donkeys, three bottles of various colors and a forest of trupillos complete the typical landscape of many parts of the Alta Guajira. The beautiful picture has as a central point the mill which is driven by the strong winds of the time.

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