Aegean Islands

Silver is one of the seven metals known since antiquity. It is mentioned in the book of Genesis; and slag heaps found in Asia minor and the Aegean Islands, indicate that metal began to separate from the lead at least four millennia before Christ. 950 Sterling silver mean 95% of jewelry is sterling silver, and the other 5% are of other metals, usually copper. In Spain it is very often a silver factory produce Silver 925 and 950. This concept was created by D. Afonso II to severely punish those who mix is altered. The numbers of the most common tests are: Gold: 375, 500, 583, 585, 750, 958, 996, 999.9 (which is used in the aerospace industry) Silver: 750, 800, 875, 916, 925, 960, 995 Platinum, Palladium 950, 500, 850. Silver today is one very common metal because almost all people possess or less a piece of silver.

The women are who most used pieces of silver/jewelry, because it is a thing that for them it is very common to use. Women wear with great regularity; necklaces, bracelets and rings for abandoned well views down the street, in cafes and bars. A factory of silver can make many jewels depending on the occasion. A variety of designs allows you choose a jewel for any occasion and taste. Rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets that are also combined in sets. For example for christenings, weddings can manufacture a few necklaces.

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