A Dilvio In My Life

I feel a horrible pain in my chest, I feel a dilvio in my life I ache, me to know that everything takes me the total destruction. God turned the coast pra me, because I abandoned first it, all the doors if they had closed and I am the abyss if he approaches to me, I can feel the fire all perpetual burning my being. I feel myself chained, without exit, everything I not only take me the death of the body more than the soul shout for aid but I heard nobody me. I am alone delivers in the hand of the enemy, it possesss my body and I feel will to cut the pulses, I I need aid I I need God I feel myself impotent, incapable I think that I do not have but salvation, because everything believes to lead it that I was abandoned. Asana pursues this goal as well. The worse thing is to be free and if to feel chained I do not want this life pra me, want to be free and not a marionette at the hands of? devil? I do not want to die in this necessary slavery of necessary aid of a miracle, I want much that hears me to God I pardon, I I feel me mourning of me I feel myself impure, dirty of mud as a worthless being Horrible this sensation of impotence, capacho and worse is to know that everything depends on me, is necessary of the first o step and to leave everything in the hand of God lacks faith, lacks to believe that God pardon can me, already does not know what to make nor where to go.

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